Biological Research

Papers Archive, Year 2013


1996 - vol. 29 - nº 3

: ADRIAN G PALÁCIOS and TIMOTHY H GOLDSMITH : Visual transduction in vertebrate rods : AG_PALACIOS_&_TH_GOLDSMITH_(WORKSHOP).pdf See paper Download paper PDF
: B.N. SINGH and SALOMY MATHEW : Selection for high and low number of sternopleural bristles in Drosophila ananassae: Correlated response in the frequency of chromosome inversions : BN_SINGH_&_S_MATHEW.pdf See paper Download paper PDF
: B. GÜNTHER1* and E. MORGADO 2 : Duality in physiological time: Euclidean and fractal : B_GUNTHER_&_E_MORGADO.pdf See paper Download paper PDF
: BERNARDO MORALES1 and JUAN BACIGALUPO2 : Chemical reception in vertebrate olfaction: evidence for multiple transduction pathways : B_MORALES_&_J_BACIGALUPO.pdf See paper Download paper PDF
: I JIMENEZ1, O MORA 1, G LOPEZ1, ME JIMENEZ1, L ZULUAGA 1, R IS AZA 1, JL SANCHEZ1, CS URIBE1, CY VALENZUELA2, R BLANCO 2 and M ARCOS-BURGOS1 2 : Idiopathic epilepsy with generalized tonic clonic seizures in Antioquia, Colombia: Is the joint Amerindian and Negroid racial admixture the cause of its high prevalence? : I_JIMENEZ_et_al.pdf See paper Download paper PDF
: JUAN BACIGALUPO1 and PETER M O'DAY2 : The second messenger for visual excitation in invertebrate phototransduction : J_BACIGALUPO_&_PM_ODAY_(WORKSHOP).pdf See paper Download paper PDF
: JULIO VILLALOBOS and VLADIMIR SALDARRIAGA : Immunohistochemical study of the anatomical organization of the basal forebrain cholinergic system in the mouse brain : J_VILLALOBOS_&_V_SALDARRIAGA.pdf See paper Download paper PDF
: JULIO VILLALOBOS1, VLADIMIR SALDARRIAGA1 and OSCAR RIOS2 : Basal forebrain cholinergic projections to the frontal cortex in mice: A combined acetylcholinesterase histochemistry and retrograde tracer study : J_VILLALOBOS_et_al.pdf See paper Download paper PDF
: LUIS ROBLES and CARMEN ALCAYAGA : Frequency tuning of mechanical responses in the mammalian cochlea : L_ROBLES_&_C_ALCAYAGA_(WORKSHOP).pdf See paper Download paper PDF
: MANUEL OYARZU N and BRUNO GÜNTHER : In memoriam Professor Jaime Talesnik, MD : M_OYARZUN_&_B_GUNTHER.pdf See paper Download paper PDF