Biological Research

Papers Archive, Year 2013


2013 - vol. 46 - nº 3

: BASILIO CARRASCO, LEE MEISEL, MARLENE GEBAUER, ROLANDO GARCÍA GONZÁLEZ and HERMAN SILVA : Breeding in peach, cherry and plum: from a tissue culture, genetic, transcriptomic and genomic perspective See paper Download paper PDF
: THIAGO H. COSTA MARQUES, CASSIO H. SANTOS DE MELO, RUSBENE B. FONSECA DE CARVALHO, LUCIANA M. COSTA, ALEXANDRE A. DE SOUZA, JORGE M. DAVID, JUCENI P. DE LIMA DAVID and RIVELILSON M. DE FREITAS : Phytochemical Profi le and Qualifi cation of Biological Activity of an Isolated Fraction of Bellis perennis See paper Download paper PDF
: LUCIA CIFUENTES, MARGARITA ARANCIBIA, MARIELA TORRENTE, MONICA ACUÑA, CORINA FARFAN and CAROLINA RÍOS : Prevalence of the 35delG mutation in the GJB2 gene in two samples of non-syndromic deaf subjects from Chile See paper Download paper PDF
: ALEJANDRO D. ROTH, DALINDA LIAZOGHLI, FELIPE PEREZ DE ARCE and DAVID R. COLMAN (†) : Septin 7 - Actin cross-organization is required for axonal association of Schwann cells See paper Download paper PDF
: SEBASTIÁN D. CALLIGARIS and PAULETTE CONGET : Intravenous administration of bone marrow-derived multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells has a neutral eff ect on obesity-induced diabetic cardiomyopathy See paper Download paper PDF
: KHALED SEBEI, ASMA GNOUMA, WAHID HERCHI, FAOUZI SAKOUHI and SADOK BOUKHCHINA : Lipids, proteins, phenolic composition, antioxidant and antibacterial activities of seeds of peanuts (arachis hypogaea l) cultivated in tunisia See paper Download paper PDF
: HUAN ZHENG, HUIFENG XU, BIN CUI, NANZI XIE, ZHI WANG and MING LUO : Association between polymorphism of the G-protein â3 subunit C825T and essential hypertension: an updated meta-analysis involving 36,802 subjects See paper Download paper PDF
: LUCAS VICUÑA, EVELYN PARDO, CRISTÓBAL CURKOVIC, REMZIYE DÖGER, CLAUDIA OYANADEL, CLAUDIA METZ, LORETO MASSARDO, ALFONSO GONZÁLEZ and ANDREA SOZA : Galectin-8 binds to LFA-1, blocks its interaction with ICAM-1 and is counteracted by anti-Gal-8 autoantibodies isolated from lupus patients See paper Download paper PDF
: BELINDA VARGAS GUERRERO, PEDRO M. GARCÍA LÓPEZ, ANA E. GONZÁLEZSANTIAGO, JOSÉ A. DOMÍNGUEZ ROSALES and CARMEN M. GURROLA DÍAZ : Reduction of Ins-1 gene expression and tissue insulin levels in n5-STZ rats See paper Download paper PDF
: YORKA MUÑOZ, KAREN FUENZALIDA, MIGUEL BRONFMAN, ARNALDO GATICA, MARCELO SEPÚLVEDA JUAN BACIGALUPO, ALEJANDRO D. ROTH and RICARDO DELGADO : Fatty acid composition of Drosophila photoreceptor light-sensitive microvilli. See paper Download paper PDF
: MIGUEL SAAVEDRA, INÉS ZULANTAY, WERNER APT, GABRIELA MARTÍNEZ, ANTONIO ROJAS and JORGE RODRÍGUEZ : Chronic Chagas disease: PCR-xenodiagnosis without previous microscopic observation is a useful tool to detect viable Trypanosoma cruzi See paper Download paper PDF
: REMIGIO LÓPEZ SOLÍS, LEONIDAS TRAIPE CASTRO, DANIELA SALINAS TORO, MIGUEL SRUR and HÉCTOR TOLEDO ARAYA : Microdesiccates produced from normal human tears display four distinctive morphological components See paper Download paper PDF
: TOBIAS M. NTULI : Increasing the rate of drying reduces metabolic imbalance, lipid peroxidation and critical water content in radicles of garden pea (Pisum sativum L.) See paper Download paper PDF
: RAÚL EB LOYOLA : Foundational errors in the Neutral and Nearly-Neutral theories of evolution in relation to the Synthetic Theory. Is a new evolutionary paradigm necessary? See paper Download paper PDF